Starting point: Alice wishing for something to make sense for a change!

Hey you, glad you made it here!

My name is Ellie (well there is a longer version of that but since I’m going to use the anonymity of it to share some stuff that should be enough for know). I’m 23, in my last year of university, I study engineering and currently feel very much stuck! I guess that’s the reason I’m starting this whole blog thing (some self help books might also be involved). The thing is I don’t even have a reason to complain and that makes me feel even worse for feeling bad. I am healthy, have good friends, a family that loves me, I’m studying something I actually like, volunteer and read a lot. I don’t get to travel as much as I would like to but does anyone ever? And my love life is currently non existent but hey I’m mostly happily single.

So yeah I figured out that I need to figure some stuff out and decided to create a place for me to pour my thoughts and hopefully make some sense of it all!

First blog postalice